Frequently Ask Questions  

Question:    When can we start planning for flights? 

Answer:  Flights for November release in May. Initial pricing will be higher as airlines try to get as much as possible from flyers. 
We will plan to save starting June for flights in November. 
Question:   Is travel insurance available? 

Answer:  Yes. You can contact Insuremytrip,com for information on travel insurance that fits your needs .They are available 
(Mon-Fri, 7:00AM-midnight ET),  (Sat-Sun, 9:00AM-9:00PM ET) (800) 487-4722;, You can ask for Lucy @ x 271 or speak with any available agent. 

Please note:  You are able to add airfare to your premium at a later date. It is preferred you pay via credit card or check and have documented payments for proof of payment should you require a claim.  We can also get you a copy of payment records with in 48 hours if required. 
Question:   How long is the plan ride? 
Answer:   Depends on where you are coming from and time of year, but from BWI direct on average of 3 hours and 50 minutes. 
Question:   Where is the information on airfare?

Answer: Airfare not included and based on origin and dates. There are also several traveling from other States to pricing will vary. Airfare rates are only available 6 months prior to travel. We plan is to discuss as a group we get closer.
Question:   Why are we traveling for Thanksgiving?

Answer:  We want to do something different things with family and friends. What a better time than Thanksgiving when its a time to be thankful and to spend time with family and friends! And the kids are out of school. And is not HOT SUMMER!
Question:   Does everyone  have to have a passport to travel to Cancun, Mexico?

Answer: Yes. EVERYONE even babies. have a passport to travel to Cancun, Mexico.  Click here  to sign up for a passport.
Question:   Where does my deposit money go?

Answer: Deposit money is deposited into our Bank of America Family and Friends bank account and used as credit to your room balance due and is NON-REFUNDABLE.